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Union Congregational Church
Founded as Union Evangelical Church, the building is typical of the New England meetinghouses of its day. Built in 1835 the church showcases Greek Revival details combined with architectural design carried over from the Federal period. The original
 square box pews were replaced in 1873 when the interior was "modernized" and a pipe organ was installed at the front of the church. Unfortunately, the organ was damaged during the flood of 1936 and eventually removed.


The Bell

The bell was manufactured in 1851 by the Holbrook Bell Foundry of East Medway, Massachusetts.  The Foundry had been established in 1816 by Major George Holbrook who had apprenticed to Paul Revere in the bell foundry and clock-making business.  Major Holbrook’s son Colonel George Handel Holbrook succeeded his father in 1820 and ran the business until 1872. He was a musician, a violinist and a member of the Handel and Haydn Society of Boston. Col. Holbrook refined the musical tone of the bells and was, in his time, regarded as the foremost bell maker in America. The Union Church bell, tuned to B-flat, was hung in the steeple on December 12th 1851. It weighs 1,043 lbs.


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